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John Shibley


I discovered the field of system dynamics in the 1990s, and have been a student and practitioner ever since, working to bridge the gap between the academic discipline of System Dynamics and the everyday work of organizational members. These pieces reflect what I’ve learned from that effort.

Structure Drives Behavior

Systems Thinkers say this all the time, but what exactly is "structure"? This piece explores this question using cases and experiences, and ends with practical advice for anyone trying to change a complex system.

Elements of a Systemic Sensibility

Systems Thinkers develop a Systemic Sensibility that enables them to see and sense dynamics that others miss. This article is an introduction to that idea, explaining its importance and sharing an overview of those sensibilities. First of a series.

Perfect Feedback

Perfect Feedback is when the entire system sees the performance of the entire system all the time, in real time, greatly increasing the ability of a complex system to self-regulate. Read how Perfect Feedback enables the drivers of Los Angeles County reach a Seven Sigma level of quality without Quality consyltants.

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