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John Shibley

What people say

John offers more sage and useful and concentrated advice in an hour than most people could offer in a week. Rather than adhering to fixed templates, he adjusts his work to a given situation, so that I got the full benefit not only of his extensive experience and analytic intelligence, but also of his psychological insights, in different ways depending on what the situation called for, with sympathy and tact. He has helped this novice to the world of non-profits navigate the waters of leadership; it’s the best money I and my organization could have spent.

Board Vice President 

5 five-pointed black stars

I’ve had the pleasure of working with John on and off for the last fifteen years. The projects were varied but focused on the most thorny and deeply human aspects of running anything. 
They were always - as he would say - messy! To work with John is to work with someone who just ‘gets it’. He gets people, he gets organizations, he gets systems, and he gets what it means to manage complexity with decency and compassion. When it works, and it most often does, John gets you much closer to the moral clarity that is necessary for decision making and
larger paradigm shifts. At a time when leadership can feel like a series of near impossible challenges, John’s gentle but insistent guidance, reveals, heals, and keeps me moving through the world with meaning and purpose. 

Executive Director, Foundation

5 five-pointed black stars

John has been my mentor for over a decade. I tell anyone who will listen that he gifted me with my craft as a consultant. He taught me how to design effective interventions and to let them go when they weren't working. He guided me out of the weeds when I got stuck. He helped me see my strengths when I doubted myself, and he did it through the humblest methods - inquiry, curiosity, reflection, and championing.

Principal, Consulting Firm 

5 five-pointed black stars

I have worked with John in several capacities over the years and his intuitive, generous style is what keeps me coming back!  From strategic thinking and leading a disparate group of executives to create a common set of goals and standards, to one-on-one coaching, John has been a steady constant in an ever-changing and complex world.  I look forward to our projects and sessions and his sage advice and insightful perspective. Executive Vice President/ Chief Operating Officer

5 five-pointed black stars

John Shibley is part monk, therapist, friend, and wizard.  Disarming, idiosyncratic, and incisive, he brings to the table an open heart, clear mind, moral compass, and, at times, sleight of hand.  Along the way, John taps into systems theory, Freud, Jung, his foundational experience designing the corporate culture of LL Bean, and wisdom drawn from a lifetime of helping organizations and individuals to evolve and grow. There is no better organizational coach, strategic planning consultant, or individual coach in my book. 

Museum Executive/Consultant

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